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What is a Sprain?
A sprain occurs when the ligaments are pulled, stretched beyond their normal range of motion.

Half of all sprains happen during an athletic activity due to overuse or trauma, tripping, stumbling or even walking on the beach causing a sprain or stress fracture.

Sprains and strains are some of the most common injuries people experience, ranging from twisted ankles to pulled hamstrings to aching backs. These types of injuries my involve ligaments, fibrous band of tissue that connect bones to one another at joints and tendons, tissues connecting muscles to bone.

A strain, commonly called a pulled muscle, happens when the muscle tissue is stretched or torn.

Sprain symptoms
Pain, swelling, bruising, muscles spasms, difficulties with range of motion

Preventing Sprains
To help avoid injuries, perform exercises designed to strengthen the ankle and wrist, exercising daily to keep muscles strong. Wear proper-fitting shoes with good support and low to no heels. Run only on flat surfaces and be careful when walking on uneven ground that forces your foot and ankle into a unnatural position.

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