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Staying Hydrated When You Are Sick

When we are sick, we tend to hear from our family and friends to make sure we get plenty of fluids, and it is true our bodies will need more fluids when we are sick. We already need to take in a certain amount of water and fluids every day to clear out toxins in our bodies, but when you are sick and may have diarrhea or vomiting. Increasing the number of fluids we take in to prevent dehydration is very important as well. Additionally, if you are fighting a fever, it may cause you to lose body water thus once again it is very important to drink fluids. As dehydration may worsen the fever and cause further dehydration. This cycle that can continue unless we interrupt it by keeping the body hydrated and if you are not getting the proper hydration due to vomiting and diarrhea than let your stomach settle down and slowly introduce ice chips, sipping cold water or cold, clear fluids.

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5 Steps To Help Keep Your Family Healthy This Season

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As much as we love our Family members, especially the little monsters that carry all the germs, it’s safe to say that when someone in our family is sick, we’d rather they keep their virus and germs to themselves. When we share a home with a sick spouse or child, it’s important to know how to keep everyone’s immune system up and how to stay healthy. Nothing is worse than a sick parent having to take care of their sick child!

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Wasps, ants and spiders oh my!

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With few obvious weather changes in beautiful sunny south Florida many people don’t recognize the changing of seasons but the insects do. During the late summer and fall months we see an increase in activity of many pesky creatures.

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Avoid Serious Sports Injuries

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Organized sports have long been a way for adolescents to keep fit, learn discipline and respect and belong to a team. With school back into full swing, children are once again participating in school sports programs. Unfortunately for many of these school athletes, summer break means also taking a break from their workout routines and many children will be starting school sports for the first time; returning to or starting these routines in full force without proper conditioning of their body can cause injuries.

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Taking Time From Our Patients

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I recently read an article which stated medical providers spend 50% of their time documenting in the electronic charts and performing administrative tasks rather than spending that time with patients.

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